Assistive Tech

Modifiable Futures: A Right to Repair Assistive Technologies? 2023 Hybrid Workshop

Start Date
9:30 am - 2:00 pm

In recent years debate concerning the right to repair has emerged as a critical issue at the interface between law, technology and society. Issues of planned obsolescence, the high costs of maintenance and proprietary strategies that function to constrain the repairability of technological devices have particular and profound implications for assistive technologies. The increasing integration of digital technologies into various assistive devices also has the effect of multiplying the forms of technological interdependency and thereby possible points of failure in these systems.

Please join us for a workshop discussion focused on specific issues raised by the repairability of assistive technologies. Our speakers will discuss the complex regulatory and legal issues that characterise this space and the practical ways in which device users are already engaged in creative and innovative practices of repair, modification and maintenance.

This event is brought to you by the UNSW Disability Innovation Institute, co-sponsored by the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation and the UNSW Science and Society Network.

The workshop will include a Q&A session. A light lunch will be provided.

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