The UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, was an independent community of scholars based at UNSW Sydney that operated from 1 November 2017 until 1 June 2024. It sought to add breadth and depth to research on the diverse interactions among technological change, law, and legal practice. It had influence over academic and policy debates through its engagement with the legal profession, the judiciary, industry, government and the broader community and its many submissions to policy processes.

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Student Opportunities

The UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, is an independent community of scholars based at UNSW Sydney. As a partnership between Allens and UNSW Law & Justice, the hub adds breadth and depth to research on the diverse interactions among technological change, law, and legal practice. The partnership enriches academic and policy debates and drives considered reform of law and practice through engagement with the legal profession, the judiciary, industry, government and the broader community.

Every year the UNSW Allens Hub welcomes current UNSW students to undertake internships at the Hub during either T1, T2 or T3. 

For more information on our internships opportunities and how to apply, see below: 


  • Drafting submissions and attending policy roundtables (depending on timing). For examples, interns have often developed their own policy arguments and/or synthesised the input of Hub members into a consolidated submission.
  • Attending and assisting with events, talks etc (depending on timing)
  • Contributing to research (not RA role but substantive involvement) - Interns are asked to let us know their preferences in terms of "research streams" (on Hub website) and we try to ensure at least some of the time is in that area.
  • Co-authoring an ALJ column (depending on interest)
  • Presenting at Hub members' meetings

What will you learn as an intern at the UNSW Allens Hub? 

Interns with the UNSW Allens Hub will be assisted to develop an understanding of issues involved in legal practice and policymaking and research in the area of law and technology. They will work with their supervisory to consolidate skills related to legal analysis, writing, research, policy advocacy of law and technology.

Selection Criteria

1.    Enthusiasm for issues at the intersection of law, technology and innovation 
2.    Prior relevant courses (in law or in another discipline) including relevant essay topics
3.    Interdisciplinary experience/background and ability to work at the intersection of disciplines
4.     Oral and written communication skills

Application Information

Information about UNSW Allens Hub internship opportunities and how to apply is available here:

If you are interested in joining the UNSW Allens Hub as a research assistant with any of our Research Streams, please contact the Stream Leads for more information

The UNSW Allens Hub Research Scholar Program allows students to gain hands-on experience alongside a research team. Law students currently undertaking an LLB/JD at UNSW are encouraged to apply. 

To understand the purpose of the program and how it has benefited previous participants please read here.

Applications are now closed. There are currently no further opportunities available.

Allens has launched a Graduate Program in Legal Transformation and applications to join the 2024 program are now open.

What is it?

The Legal Transformation Graduate Program will see Allens graduates participating in a 12 month program with rotations through our Legal Technology, Legal Project Management, Product Lab and Innovation Centre teams.

Why legal transformation?

Matter teams are now regularly made up of lawyers, technologists, project managers and product experts working together to ensure cutting edge technology and best practice processes are applied on matters to create exceptional service and greater value. Law firms of the future need to invest in the capability and expertise that supports these changing needs.

How will it work?

Graduates will commence in March 2024 and will complete 2 six month rotations to gain experience in a number of disciplines such as data analytics, automation, design thinking, change management, project management and contract analysis. At the completion of the program successful graduates will be offered a role in one of the placement teams. Note: Legal Transformation Graduates (unlike Law Graduates) will be enrolled in specialised training relevant to their future roles, and therefore will not need to complete PLT (practical legal training) and will not receive a legal practicing certificate.   

Who should I apply?

Applications are open to students from a range of disciplines including (but not limited to) Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science and Law. Legal studies are a plus, but not essential, and we are seeking applications from a broad academic spectrum.

Applications close at 11:55pm (AEST) on Tuesday, 11 April 2023. Please address your application to Manreet Singh, National Manager Early Careers. For further information, visit the Allens website or email