UNSW Consumer Data Right reports released to public

UNSW experts made recommendations to help protect bank customers who share data through the Consumer Data Right from cyber security threats. Their research findings, now released, remained confidential while critical recommendations were implemented.

A team led by Allens Hub Director, Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, comprising UNSW experts in business, computer science, defence, and law, produced two reports: Considerations for Managing Cyber Threats to the Consumer Data Standards and Risk Management for the Consumer Data StandardsThe reports identified potential threats and risks at that time, including:

  • The possibility of large-scale attacks from organised and persistent cyber criminals
  • The potential for weaknesses in the data transfer technology (called an API)
  • The prospect of human error, mismanagement, and intentional misuse of data
  • Issues when less cyber mature companies join the ecosystem
  • Challenges of maintaining skilled security staff in a rapidly changing situation

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