Updated report for the AIJA on the use of AI in courts and tribunals.

The research team of Lyria Bennett Moses, Michael Legg, Jake Silove; with research assistance from Shahzeb Mahmood, updated their report setting out questions that courts and tribunals should ask when considering the use of AI tools in courts or registries.

The report provides different areas where AI can be used as well as how such tools can impact core judicial values of open justice, accountability and equality before the law, procedural fairness, access to justice, and efficiency. It poses questions to be considered by court managers and administers, judges, and tribunal members when contemplating the use of these technologies.

The 2023 version includes updates to multiple sections, reflecting rapidly evolving case law, legislation and policies in this area; and the timely addition of new guidance on emerging technologies such as generative AI (e.g. Google Translate, ChatGPT, Bard, and DALL-E).

Read the report here.