Dr Sophie Vivian headshot
Research Assistant

Sophie Vivian joins the hub as Stream Co-Lead on The Cyber Trust Project: Trust and Trustworthiness in Cyber Security. While Sophie’s research spans multiple academic disciplines, the thread running through all her work is the analysis and ethics of human behaviour.

Sophie first obtained her bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations (Hons First Class) from UNSW. Her thesis explored the predictive value of Realism in International Relations Theory. Sophie then went on to obtain an MSc in Neuroscience (with Distinction) from King’s College London, her research focusing on the relative contributions of genetics, institutionalisation, and maltreatment on the developing brain.

After being granted an Australian Postgraduate Award, Sophie completed her PhD in Philosophy. Her dissertation On Trust and Trustworthiness argued for a conception of trust and trustworthiness as non-cognitive and non-moralised, which facilitates a better understanding of human behaviour, allowing us to divorce important questions about trust and trustworthiness from other distinct questions in epistemology and ethics.