Simon Taylor

Simon Michael Taylor is a final-year PhD candidate at UNSW—supervised by DECRA Fellow Dr. Michael Richardson and ARC Future Fellow Professor Kalervo N. Gulson.

He broadly investigates biometrics, operational imaging, collaborative robotics and autonomous decision systems. 
He is a committee member in the working group IT-043-03 Trustworthiness in AI for Standards Australia.

His work is pertinent to evidence building on computational acts or agents with social ramifications from facial recognition; legal claims in the attribution of error in use of drones, surveillance and semi-autonomous vehicles; and explanation of AI from stances of trust, risk, data causality, normative modelling and machine learning. This has brought value to multiple policy reports on new computational techniques to address impacts in legal, cyber-security, privacy, and digital identity fields.

Recent academic contributions have also included articles published in a Special Law Issue of AI & Society (2020) and an upcoming issue of Science, Technology & Human Values (2021), alongside vital contributions in the 2020-2021 Mellon Sawyer Seminar, Histories of AI: A Genealogy of Power at Cambridge University, UK.