Poster for UNSW LegalTech Startup Hatchathon

Congratulations to the winners of the UNSW LegalTech Startup Hatchathon!

A huge congratulations to the winning startups who competed in the UNSW LegalTech​ Startup​ Hatchathon on Monday 20 March!

This event was brought to you by UNSW Business AI Lab, UNSW Founders and UNSW Allens Hub!

Our winning startup teams were:

First - Rationavity Systems, Founder Ron van der Meyden

Second - SentenceAid, Founders Will Martin, Vesta Tang and Tracey Ren

Third - ConnectIn, Founders Mandy BuiJames Dobkowski and Cindy Law

Winners and judges of the UNSW LegalTech startup Hatchathon
Winners and judges of the UNSW LegalTech startup Hatchathon


The free workshop and competition was held at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre (MCIC) and offered an exciting opportunity to ignite ideas and help participants gain practical knowledge of how to design and pitch a start-up!

Special thanks to our three amazing judges Kristen Phillips (UNSW Founders), Lyria Bennett Moses (UNSW Allens Hub) and Evan Wong (!

We look forward to seeing the winners and participants of this event taking up the opportunity to compete in the upcoming LegalTech Venture Day Australia competition on Wednesday 3 May, with the chance to represent Australia at the Global South Summit competition in Madrid, Spain!

Applications are now open for LegalTech Venture Day Australia. Find out more here and apply now!

Applications for the LegalTech Venture Day Australia competition close: Wednesday 19 April 2023, 23:59 (11:59pm)

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