RS program

Piloted Research Scholar Program concludes.

The UNSW Allens Hub Research Scholar Program, which concluded a short while ago, allows Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Laws students to gain hands-on experience alongside a research team. We spoke to some of the students and supervisors involved to find out what their experiences were.

Annabella Dumas, research scholar

“This program is a wonderful foundation for a career in legal research. You will gain exposure to an incredibly accomplished and diverse network of scholars and have the opportunity to contribute to publications in their formative stages.

I would recommend this program to anybody who wants to engage with the law as an evolutionary process rather than a static instrument.”

Wanda Kuai, research scholar

“This program has taught me research methods and techniques in academic writing. I thoroughly enjoyed being given the task to write a draft paper that my supervisor intends to publish. Under her guidance, it was a great learning experience to learn how to write a piece for academic writing."

“…this program has encouraged me to consider continuing research by completing an Honours degree because it has given me a greater insight into research methods and research writing.”

Fereshtah Yosufi, research scholar

“I found distinguishing the processes of initial research and the subsequent drafting of an article valuable.

This program has given me the confidence to continue pursuing research. I have always found legal research and critique quite interesting, but I didn’t think I was personally capable of being able to conduct it myself. It felt like something that ‘experts’ did and my only role was to read their arguments and conclusions rather than produce anything. Being able to get involved in a project during my undergraduate degrees has dispelled this feeling..." 

"I think anyone who is interested in the program should just apply for it. Even if you’re unsure about your ability to research, it’s a great way to learn practical skills and understand a topic far more deeply than you might expect."

Marc De Leeuw, Senior Lecturer and Supervisor

“The project greatly benefitted from the Research Scholar who provided high quality research and organizing support for a workshop and intended publications."

“…we would surely again participate.”